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Monday, July 23, 2012

What A Week

The back of a tricycle...a lot of members here
are proud to be LDS  :)

July 23, 2012

So, this email is gonna have to be short, because our Mission president had us fill out a questionaire online, so that took up our time...but I just wanted to say this week was a really great week, it felt really productive, there were several days when we sacrificed our lunch break and just worked and it felt...good...I am grateful that Sis. Ragragio is willing to sacrifice like that sometimes, because I've had other comp's that aren't willing...and we kinda need to be willing. Sometimes...cuz that's our whole purpose here, to help them, and sometimes we just don't have enough hours in the day, and it requires extra time.
We're really trying to work on building ward unity, that's one thing I really want to say I accomplished before I leave this area. So, we had a ton of Family Home Evenings, and we arranged so that Members were present at all but 2 lessons that we gave the entire week! I was soo proud haha it takes a ton of extra coordination and texting...haha but it's okay, it's worth it :)
During my interview with Pres Monahan, he sat me down and after we prayed- the first thing he did was showed me the picture they took my first day here in the missionfield- (he showed me on the computer with my release date- April 17!) and then he said well...knowing what you know now sister Allen, what advice would you give to yourself the first week in the mission? I said...."sabay na agoos" or just go with the flow. Let it all happen, love every  minute and soak it up. haha :) He just laughed. He is full of the spirit...he really is such a great Mission President! One of my friends, Elder Kemmy walked out and was like "man, he basically quoted my patriarchal blessing to me" he's soo inspired...haha it's really true. He is going to do great things for the Baguio mission.
President said my time will be short with my companion here, ut I need to teach her how to become a leader because she's gonna be put in a place where she needs to be a leader. He told me to tell my mom & dad thank you for raising a leader. so...thanks mom & dad :)
We now have 6 Investigators with Bap dates- that's not our mission focus, our focus is the less active effort, but for some reason they just keep coming our way. I'm really excited about the Hernandez Family. I remember when Sis. Olila & I were companions, it was a really dark night and it was stormy- we were coming from a less actives house- and we walked by and Bro Jerry was on his front porch. So, I told Sis. Olila- we need to talk to them. We did- and he turned out to be an inactive member too a long time ago. We started teaching his family now- who are not yet members. Bro Jerry has now returned to church- and now his family, all 5 of them have a bap date Aug 25- I am soo excited about it. It's one lesson I learned that we need to really listen to spiritual promptings- it could alter your life. And also...families are soo great when they all live the Gospel. It's so important.
Sis Mayo passed her bap interview, so we have a double baptism...2 of them this saturday. Next week is the baptism of bro Ryan and sis Ginalyn Marzan too...hopefully they pass their interview.
Mahal kita everyone, sorry for the short email this week

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