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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kumusta Ka Na?

The view from our backyard

July 16, 2012
So this week was really challenging for me, because I was really sick! I have never been this sick in my entire mission, I'm still not really sure why I got so sick, I just know it was the worst feeling not being able to work for 2 days...just 2 appointments each day...that was all I could do. I asked for a blessing from our Zone leaders, and they gave me one. After Sis. Ragragio told them that she slept in cuz she was feeling tired, but said that I still woke up for studies even though I was in pain...they just looked at me and then quoted the scriptures like a missionary does and said "do not run faster than you have strength" haha...I was dying all during studies, but I wanted to be I suffered haha but its okay, they gave me permission to rest for a little bit, actually they told me I had no choice, I needed to take care of myself first, which is true...I know, but its really depressing just being inside when you can be working. I felt lazy! Anyways, I am feeling good now, and we're back in business :) We worked really hard the other days to try and compensate for our lost work.

This week I have noticed a lot and I mean a LOT of success. We have worked really hard to coordinate with all of the members, if we think they could become good friends with our less active members and recent converts, we have scheduled them to come with us to our appointments. We had like 8 Family Home Evenings this week...haha that's a LOT, but I want to help them build friendships. So, that's what we're doing, and it's working!!! WE had one family that we went to last sunday, Bro Elmer Medina & Bro. Jerry Hernandez- Bro jerry is inactive, he's been inactive for years because when he was 19 he was ready to go on his mission had his papers in and received his call, and his stake president told him he couldn't go, that they needed him there to help their priesthood. I dont know whether to really believe that or not, because I know that's not possible they have no say once you have your call, but I just know that somehow he got offended and didn't end up serving and ended up being inactive. As a result married a non member, but now they went to church this last sunday, and we have another fhe scheduled this week and other lesson, they want to become members, and brother wants to return, there's a lot of work ahead in teaching them the doctrine and making sure they understand it, but this family is golden :) I'm excited to be a part of it!  Part of the reason why they feel so welcomed now is because we've had right fellowshippers come to our lessons with them.'s been fun to watch!

Our district meeting this last week I was soo surprised when Pres & Sis. Monahan showed up to it! haha They are soo great, and I love that Pres Monahan really wants to be involved with everything that we do. That's the first time I have seen a mission pres show up to our meetings- usually we only see them when we transfer or have a special conference. once every few months- not common. I was freaking out though because I had to speak in english. When I first got here I thought "yeah right, there is no way i'm ever gonna freak out and struggle speaking english, that's not gonna happen to me" but...I was wrong. haha sometimes I just sit and wait a second for it to come to me in english haha it's soo funny. Sometimes Sabi ni Sis. Ragragio that in my dreams I will sleep talk in tagalog. haha kinda funny. Anyways we were having a "role play" demonstration and the elders were doing it in taglog. I was sitting next to Pres & Sis. Monahan and President asked me to translate for them. So I was sitting there translating....first of all I didn't realize I could do that, so that was pretty neat feeling- and second of all...i was struggling haha but its okay, hopefully president understands and doesn't think I'm intellectually challenged. haha

I'm excited about our newly appointed high council man here, he wanted to work with the ward leaders- and so he did, he wanted to work on the missionary work- he asked us a bunch of questions, and then worked with our bishopric and of course me and Sis. Ragragio it was great he owns a car too...that's the first time I've ridden in a car in 10 months. haha it was a really weird feeling! :)
Anyways, that's my week in a nutshell...I know it's quick and not much- but basically it was a good week- even though I was sick and I felt like dying for a few days, I'm alright now :)
Love you all

I bet you have NO idea where the dog's eyes are huh?

That is MOLD growing in my shoe....yuck!

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